Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Vanessa or 'VaneXXXa' Hudgens the longtime Disney star has yet again failed to keep her nudie pics underwraps (no pun intended). Unlike her first debuted photo scandal that surfaced the world wide web on Sept.6th/2007, Vanessa's latest anatomy lessons feature an abundance of photographs (we're talking double digits, a far stretch from her single 2007 photo). How the photos leaked is still a mystery since in both cases the pictures were taken with HER cellphone. I personally have no idea how she is going to redeem her 'good girl' Disney star image. Vanessa is currently filming 'beastiliaty'...I mean 'beastly' and hopes to get over the scandal. In my opinion the only 'after school specials' she should be starring in are the ones featured on redtube.