Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have you ever been cubed?

Currently I am a waitress in an old-style Irish pub. Working at the Toucan has given me the chance to interact with a number of characters too strange and wonderful to be fictional. In the past six months I have met a gold mine owner, a few ex-cons, wiccans, musicians, artists, professors, sex therapists, etc. Although all of these people had me entranced I recently had a very interesting conversation with some 'normal' students. What made the conversation so special? I was cubed.

If you have never been cubed this will be a fun game for you play. This is an imagination/visualization game that consists of a series of questions that will 'supposedly' reveal your true nature and your quintessential subconscious thoughts through interpreting symbolism in the game. This theory became mainstream when Annie Gottlieb wrote the book, The Cube: Keep the Secret

Are you ready? (Note: It is important after each question to ask where things are in relation and in proportion to one another).

Getting Started
Imagine you are in a desert and in the desert there is a cube. Notice what size it is, what colour is it? Is it solid or hollow? What is it made of? Where is it in relation to you? Is it on the ground or in the air?

Now imagine a ladder. Visualize the ladder, how tall is it? How many rungs does it have? Is it standing up supporting anything? What colour is it? What is it made of? Where is it in relation to the cube?

Now you notice a horse. What kind of horse is it? What colour is it? How big or small is it? Where is the horse in relation to you, the ladder and the cube?

There is also storm in your desert. Picture the storm, what kind of storm is it? How close is it? Is it dangerous? is it big? How does it affect you, the cube, the ladder and the horse?

Last there are flowers. What species of flower are they? Are there a lot of them? What do they look like? What colour are they? Where are they in relation to everything else?

You may hold this image in your mind as long as you like. Feel free to change your answers until you learn to interpret the cube.

Unveiling the Basic Symbolism of the Cube
The cube symbolizes how you see yourself. The ladder is a symbol of how you see your friends. The horse is a symbol representing how you see your significant other even if you don't have one. The storm represents what you perceive to be the trouble or conflict currently in your life. Finally, the flowers symbolize your children. They can be real or conceptual. The best part of the cube is that it offers limitless interpretation and endless conversation.

You are Not Less Complicated than a Rubics Cube
As fun and introspective the cube can be it is important to remember that it is not definitive of your character. When I cubed my parents my dad said his horse was a corpse since it was living in the desert. He also threw his ladder in a valley and his storm was epic. My dad adores my mom, loves his friends and has a great life. Thus, I don't consider his interpretation of the cube is indicative of his subconscious.

You also have to be careful of men who ask you if you have ever been cubed. There are websites dedicated to how pick-up artists should use the cube. One website promotes the usage of the cube as a topic of conversation to avoid boredom, 'hook women,' demonstrate their value and personality, build a connection with women, 'qualify women and make them feel desirable', learn about women, and leave women 'wanting more.'

This is a pickup method for a reason. People love quirky theories like this and they like to learn about them so they can personally say whether or not it is a hoax. With that said it's a great way to connect with strangers if used with good intentions. Try the cube!

More on the Cube as a Pickup Method

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