Friday, July 3, 2009

The Girls Next Door

I will readily admit that I am a pop-culture whore. I love reality television. I have been guilty of watching full seasons of, Americas Next Top Model, A Shot At Love, Engaged And Underaged, From G's To Gents, Iron Chef, Laguna Beach, Living On The Edge, Paradise Hotel, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Project Runway, Restaurant Makeover, Say Yes To The Dress, Survivor, Taking The Stage, The City, The Hills, The Real World, The X-Effect, and What Not To Wear.

The latest reality television show I have indulged myself in is 'The Girls Next Door'. I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon since Hef and his trio has now split, but I enjoy it none the less. The show is about Hue Hefner and his three former girlfriends, Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson. Respectively, Holly is Hef's first girlfriend, Bridget his second, and Kendra his third. What makes this show interesting is the diversity of the girls. Holly is a playboy editor, Kendra is extremely athletic, and Bridget has her Master's Degree in Communications. They don't have much in common except their ambition, beauty, and a love for playboy/Hef.

I have always been critical of playboy bunnies immediately classifying them as 'dumb sluts'. They may be sluts but the only bunny I think is dumb is Holly.I know most people who have seen the show are thinking 'you think Kendra is smarter than Holly?' Let me explain...

Holly sleeps in the same bed as Hef and is responsible for satisfying him (sexually) as well as looking after the other two girls.
So basically the honor of being Hef's 'number one girlfriend' entitles her to responsibility and frequent sex with an old man. Throughout the seasons she is hopeful that Hef will marry her which is in and of itself stupid.

Holly fits my former stereotype that playboy bunnies are tarts. Kendra and Bridget are the ones that have made me reconsider my opinion. Bridget and Kendra have no responsibilities in the trio and receive all the benefits of being Hef's girlfriend. This includes luxury vacations, a mansion, a personal butler at their disposal, media exposure, an allowance, top hairstylists, top makeup artists, estheticians, and invitations to exclusive Hollywood parties.

Its hard to be critical of these girls when apart from having sex with Hef they are living my dreams. They are optimizing their youth! They are living life in a way most people will never experience in exchange for occasionally (for their sakes I hope very occasionally) sleeping with Hef. A lot of girls between the ages of 18-23 regret people they naively fooled around or slept with. 'The Girls Next Door' are offered a massive amount of opportunity in exchange for a 'naive' hookup with Hef. The average girl is rewarded with bad memories complimented by an awful hangover.

Bridget and Kendra repeatedly said they have no desire to be Hef's number one girlfriend, and why would they?
They get anything they want for relatively nothing in comparison to Holly. Hef usually kicks girls out of the mansion by 23 so they get to jump back into the game with tons of gifts and experiences. Holly will be entering the game with either a broken heart or a failed attempt at gold digging.

In terms of Kendra and Bridget I can't help but wonder, are they brilliant?

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