Sunday, July 5, 2009

University Lingo

A few months ago I was thinking about the difference between a secondary and post-secondary vocab. I decided to write down some of the words I heard students, t.a.'s, friends, family, and professors say that aren't typical of high school banter. Some of the words are simple but still contribute to the evolution of language since secondary school. This list also gives everyone (especially me) an opportunity to learn some scholarly lingo. So in no particular order here are some common and uncommon words I have heard (some may occur more than once). I will continue to update the list and maybe eventually add definitions.

propaganda, lieu, semantics, paradox, suffice, interdependencies, pragmatic, solidified, clairvoyant, copacetic, manifest, elicit, tumultuous , redundant , sodomy, stipulations, turbulent, ramifications, absolve, protagonist, immaculate, effervescence, commonality, ideology, egregious, denigrate, pathologize, convention, lascivious, interval, degenerate, adversity, regime, resonate, disembody, scarce, detract, depicts, indicate, re-enacts, eminate, dynamic, consoles. tailored, succession. allegedly, divergent, prolific, tenuous, exponentially, counter-intuitive, apathy, contingent, irradicate, infer, precedent, titillate, albeit, typify, revelation, assert, belittle, anomaly, nostalgia, innocuous, nuiance, repugnant, ostracize, cryptic, transcendental, implicit, explicit, ascribe, resonate, ambivalent, precarious, binary, monotomy, pinnacle, deterrent, paradigm, perpetuate, farce.

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