Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lost In Lost

WARNING: For 'Lost' viewers only

I have a bad habit of watching television shows that progressively get worse as the season moves forward. Unfortunately I am also OCD with my TV shows, partly because I feel obligated to stick with them. I often find myself influenced to continue this obligation because of a hope and desire that a series will return to its original glory. This scarcely happens.

The show that has been bothering me lately is 'Lost'. I have seen every episode. I really loved the first and second season but lately (this season in particular) it has forsaken all logic. I have no idea how the writers are going to resolve the incongruous plot details they have implemented into script throughout the series, especially with only one remaining season. Its getting a bit ridiculous.

So here is a list of things that don't make sense in 'Lost'. Post if you can add to the list or answer my questions.

1) Why do 'the others' steal peoples babies?
2) What is the purpose of the dharma initiative?
3) Why can't pregnant women have babies on the island but the island can heal people who have cancer or are paralyzed?
4) Why is Jacob speaking through Jack's dead father and why did Claire go crazy and choose to reside with him in his creepy cabin?
5) Why Ben didn't want to give up Michael?
6) Why do random people suddenly have magical powers? (Desmond seeing the future, Hurley conversing with the dead)
7) Why does the island and Jacob's cabin move and vanish?
8) What are the whispers in the forest?
9) Ben once told Locke a story about a box on the island that can make anything you want, where is this box and why can it do that?
10) Why are the numbers 4815162342 mean and why are they lucky but also lethal?
11) Why doesn't Richard age and why does he wear so much black eyeliner?!??!?!

These are all important questions that need to be answered.


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