Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Musical Love Affair

I love music. As a child I grew up with classical, choir, folk, jazz, classic rock, as well as some angry feminist music. I proudly memorized 'You Outta Know' and sung it in the car with my mother by the time I was eight.

Then there was the 'Spice Girl' phase, it came right before the nano craze. When I was mad at my parents I would blast 'Spice Girls' out my window. I loved them and bought so much of their merchandise I won a poster in a 'Spice Girl' draw. I also entered a 'Spice Girls' airband contest with my friends, I was ginger.

Then came early teenage life as an emo with a barbell and a spiky wristband. I was engrossed in heavy metal, punk, punk rock, emo, emo pop, and screamo. I even got an offer to tour with a semi well known band since a fellow emo was cousins with the bassist.

As a mid-late teenager in the ultra cool town that I grew up in I hit the bars/truckstops/downtown strip/fields, with pop, hip-hop, and dance music.

Now university music is full of folk, alternative, and underground. I began to judge people by their musical preferences until I went home and talked to my dad. He is an even bigger music connoisseur. My dad has stayed by my side through my music exploration and development. He even tried to listen to some screamo once.

Lately he has been into Cuban music. He made me remember that each musical genre has its pros and cons and being a music snob is just as bad as being a general snob. He listens to music because he loves it and love is not exclusive. Each genre has taken care of me as I've grown up.

I decided to send my mom a 'Spice Girls' song called 'Mama' and even though 'Spice Girls' isn't her band of choice she told me she cried when she listened to it. All kinds of music can be meaningful.

I've recently acquired some of my old favourite tunes (even the screamo) and you know what? Years later I still love it.

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